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Faith and Unity

In a church service of this Monday morning, the main topic was ‘’UNITY”. The preacher talked about both the positive and negative sides of it.  The positive being: strength, continuity, development, success, expansion of services and it makes it easier for leaders.  As he went on to explain the importance of unity, he referred to the bible

John 10:16-18 and Romans: 15:5-6


On reading those chapters, I started relating the readings to our ministry.  My conclusion was, both UNITY and FAITH are what drive this ministry. I believe, without faith and unity, this ministry wouldn’t have done all the wonderful things both in this community and abroad. For example, the maize farm in Rwentanga parish, Vanilla collecting in Ibanda district, caring for children with disabilities and who are vulnerable, and many others. Believing in God and working together are what things in motion.


Mission Statement

Harvest Hand’s mission is to work with people that are disadvantaged and vulnerable, putting Jesus at the centre of the work, and forming partnerships, programs, projects and small business enterprises which transform local communities to provide for themselves and give witness to God’s love and presence.


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