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This week, we brought the farm school students to the farm and demonstrated the Farming God's Way planting method. They are a fun group and they enjoyed getting their hands in the dirt! Lots of good questions...this method is very different from the local way of planting. It's been interesting to see how their view of farming has changed as they realize the complexity of God's creation and the reasons why the soil needs structure and mulch in order to produce high yields. ...and slowly, they seem to be making the connection between God's promise to provide food, and how he created the environment to fulfill that promise. ...they are starting to see God is present in their lives!  


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Harvest Hand’s mission is to work with people that are disadvantaged and vulnerable, putting Jesus at the centre of the work, and forming partnerships, programs, projects and small business enterprises which transform local communities to provide for themselves and give witness to God’s love and presence.


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