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In Matthew 9:14, "Jesus said, "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children." - so this week, the leaders, Amon and Godwin, along with the Rwentanga lay reader are visiting families, who have children not in school. These are children who for financial reasons are in school and are found in our trading center when their friends are in school. The leaders will meet the parents and invite the children to participate in Harvest Hands football league for Christian leadership development...its our goal to seek out the children who are marginalized and include them as well.

This week, we brought the farm school students to the farm and demonstrated the Farming God's Way planting method. They are a fun group and they enjoyed getting their hands in the dirt! Lots of good questions...this method is very different from the local way of planting. It's been interesting to see how their view of farming has changed as they realize the complexity of God's creation and the reasons why the soil needs structure and mulch in order to produce high yields. ...and slowly, they seem to be making the connection between God's promise to provide food, and how he created the environment to fulfill that promise. ...they are starting to see God is present in their lives!  

The school disciplers, Godwin, Samuel and Jonas (Amon is not in the pic) got new transportation this week. Now they'll be out visiting the children's parents on their new bikes.

Last week, we started the Farming God's Way lecture series at the Rwentanga Farm Institute. Amon and Jonas are leading the lectures and they'll be assisted by other Harvest Hands leaders. They teach 3 sessions on Thursdays and the students' response has been welcoming. ...this is a great opportunity to teach a natural method of farming that will allow anyone to achieve high yields and reveal God's loving character and his faithfulness through the earth's ability to produce sufficient food for us, when we follow his ways. 



...we started January 6th and we should finish harvesting by Feb 1st. We can't say enough about the benefits of mulching! 1 1/2 years ago when we started, the land lacked nitrogen and the PH balance was off. That first season we averaged 500 kg per acre, and this season will likely hit 1,500 kg per acre. Why have the benefits of mulching been kept a secret for so long! ...the Lord has a reason for everything...and it's up to man to take careful note, and follow his example. Thank you Lord Jesus!


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Harvest Hand’s mission is to work with people that are disadvantaged and vulnerable, putting Jesus at the centre of the work, and forming partnerships, programs, projects and small business enterprises which transform local communities to provide for themselves and give witness to God’s love and presence.


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