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        Returning to Uganda, I brought the discipleship leaders work belts for use on the farm, and we thought it would be good to add the bibles to their belts to raise the idea from scripture, 2 Timothy 2:14-17, that we are to be prepared workers, approved by God, for God's work. Written by Tim Specht 

   By purchasing a Goat to support the work of training Godly leaders, partner and help transform Rwentanga for Jesus. 

     On Thursday the outreach for disabled children was held in Ibanda, Uganda. Over 100 children came with their parents for an assessment and Mathias (seen left with his mom) came for a follow-up review.

     Mathias was diagnosed with spina bifida at an earlier outreach and was able to have surgery before serious damage was done to his body...and we're told that he is now standing and could be running soon. We thank the Lord that he will recover and for the many other children who were assisted this week.

      If you'd like to support these outreaches and help the children with their rehab, make a donation to Harvest Hands.

This Thursday, we'll be travelling to Ibanda District with the OURS Rehab Center to assess children with disabilities. This is the third such outreach in our project community and these outreaches have made significant life changes in these children...pray that parents are able to travel to the assessment location.
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On Saturday, we held a Kids Camp in Rwentanga for 60 of the children in the discipleship program. We used 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 for the theme, "Walking with the Father" and had a great day! The children had a lot of fun and a couple kids made commitments to Jesus! ...pray for the leaders and parents as they meet to discuss ways to encourage the children's walk with the Lord now.



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Harvest Hand’s mission is to work with people that are disadvantaged and vulnerable, putting Jesus at the centre of the work, and forming partnerships, programs, projects and small business enterprises which transform local communities to provide for themselves and give witness to God’s love and presence.


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