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    Harvest Hands International strives for both physical and spiritual transformation and has several different programs. In every community we partner with donors to start projects that will one day become self-sustaining. For example, on the Rwentanga farm, maize, peas, beans and sugarcane are grown, goats are bred, and proceeds are used to teach about God’s love for people, and care for the poor and vulnerable.


...So how is this done?

1. Through Leadership Training


   Soccer League

   Soccer is passionately loved in Uganda and it is a great way to bring people together. Harvest Hands started a soccer league to teach children how to play soccer, have fun, and study God’s Word. While the children enjoy the camaraderie with their friends, they also learn how to be strong leaders and Disciples of Christ. They then put what they have learned into practice on the football field but also in their lives.


Kids Camps

Do you remember those fun summer days at camp? Well kids’ camps are just one more way Harvest Hands reaches out to kids. Day camps are a big hit with kids. At camp we play games, sing and study God’s Word, and witness children committing their lives to Christ. It is inspiring to see a new generation dedicating themselves to being a Disciple of Christ and willingly declaring His love. 


School Children’s Program

    School programs are another method, where the Harvest Hands leaders can disciple the Rwentanga children in three local primary schools. Three times a week in each school, our leaders meet with the children in small groups for a bible study. The children ask questions and explore their understanding of God, and examine their worldview in light of scripture. The sessions raise tough questions and it is encouraging to see the children grow in their understanding that God loves them.


Discipleship training at Rwentanga Primary


  2. Through Job Creation and Food Production



                                                                 Job Creation

    One of Harvest Hands’ primary objectives is to start projects that create jobs and help lift people out of poverty. This empowers people to increase their knowledge so they can produce enough food for their family’s needs. The goal is that eventually the production increases to the point where it covers education and health costs.


High Yield Farming Methods

   Introducing high yield farming methods and high value crops is one way we help people become self-sufficient. This is done by teaching the Farming God’s Way method, where we don’t till or use artificial fertilizers and we mulch between the rows; in an effort to copy what God does in nature.

   Teaching Farming God’s Way also connects us with the community to share God’s love and word. Harvest Hands demonstrates the farming method in the villages, churches, and trading centers surrounding the project. We often meet under a mango tree or in a field as a meaningful way to connect with the community. Not only are we teaching a natural way of farming, but we also have a chance to share God’s Word. We talk about who God is, and how when we adopt His character we and our families are blessed.









3. Through Care for the Marginalized and Vulnerable


Disabled Children

       As we work in the villages, we regularly meet families with children who have disabilities. We will assist the families by taking the children to a rehabilitation center. At the rehab center, the children gain a higher use of their body and enjoy a life with many of the same opportunities that their friends have...like going to school and playing soccer! ...It is a blessing to see the smile on the children’s faces after they start rehab and move past the perceived shame, believing that they really do have a bright future.

      If a child is disabled, many parents give up hope for a typical life for the family, and the child is kept at home. He or she does not attend school; there is a lot of shame to process. But as the child works through his or her rehab, he or she soon begins to smile…and it’s a beautiful moment in the child's life!



    "Harvest Hands has several programs that we use to share God’s love with people and build his kingdom. Come and help us train disciples for Christ so that they can make disciples themselves, and reveal God’s love to many more. Join us on this wonderful journey!”

Judah Specht  

Note: Harvest Hands International complies with CRA guidelines for non-profits through our relationship with International Christian Mission Services. ICMS has direction and control of the resources donated to ICMS on behalf of our ministry and holds us accountable for the work that we do.




Mission Statement

Harvest Hand’s mission is to work with people that are disadvantaged and vulnerable, putting Jesus at the centre of the work, and forming partnerships, programs, projects and small business enterprises which transform local communities to provide for themselves and give witness to God’s love and presence.


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