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Donate and Help a Child Transform

When you donate, you contribute towards a transformed world where every child enjoys their rights and is nurtured to become an amazing future leader.


Faith And Community

Singing together gives us a sense of belonging together and sharing God’s love.  We find joy in using our voices to share happiness and spend time together. DONATE    …

Leadership Training

Young children should be equipped with leadership skills. Through music, they acquire good qualities such as teamwork, communication and discipline which are useful in their personal lives, at school or…

Relief Assistance

Sharing is one way of recognizing God’s love and kindness. Join us to make lives better by giving back to the communities in need, building shelter, clothing and feeding them.…

Health Care Services

We believe that access to quality healthcare for all is a fundamental right. Donate to support maternity health to protect lives of unborn babies and their mothers DONATE    …

Small Business Development

Small businesses help communities grow. They give people jobs and enable them to provide for themselves. When we give a small loan, people become successful and make their community better.…

Child Care

Child care is a very important aspect of ensuring a brighter future for young minds. By providing resources and guidance, we empower young ones to thrive, breaking cycles of poverty.…

1st HH run MEC Nov 15th, 2015

In every community we partner with donors to start projects that will one day become self-sustaining