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bible study

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Faith And Community

House prayer groups are like seeds of faith planted in the soil of community. Through shared devotion, support, and uplifting, they cultivate deep roots of spirituality, nurturing personal growth and…

Leadership Training

Music isn't just tunes. It's like learning to lead a team! Playing together in bands and practicing hard teaches us to talk, bounce back from challenges, and come up with…

Relief Assistance

Providing relief assistance is more than a gesture; it's a lifeline. We appreciate the tireless efforts of everyone stepping up to support those in need. Let's continue to stand together,…

Health Care Services

Ensuring access to quality healthcare for all is a fundamental right. Our commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services remains unwavering. Together, let's build a healthier and happier community. DONATE  …

Small Business Development

Supporting small businesses is an investment in dreams, communities, and innovation. It helps to change people's livelihood and improve the economic status of communities. DONATE   "My name is Tony…

Child Care

Child care isn't just about watching kids. It's about nurturing their growth and happiness. Every moment spent with children is a chance to inspire curiosity, kindness, and confidence. Donate to…


In every community we partner with donors to start projects that will one day become self-sustaining