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When you donate, you’ll be helping transform souls to become future leaders


Faith And Community

Singing together gives us a sense of belonging together and sharing God’s love.  We find joy in using our voices to share happiness and spend time together. DONATE

Leadership Training

Playing football is our fun way of learning to be great leaders. Even when we lose a game, we don’t stop playing.  This also helps us to keep trying even…

Relief Assistance

Sharing is one way of recognizing God’s love and kindness. Join us to make lives better by giving back to the communities in need, building shelter, and clothing, and feeding…

Health Care Services

Everyone deserves a chance at life and good health. Support us to educate communities about how to support pregnant women to have healthy babies and to extend clinic to remote…

Small Business Development

Strengthen a family to provide for their needs. Help us teach business skills in farming, animal and crop production, or fund people’s passion to start a small business. DONATE  

Child Care

Ensuring the safety of children as gifts from God is one of our major concerns.  We desire to watch them grow into responsible adults in the future. Support us to…

In every community we partner with donors to start projects that will one day become self-sustaining