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Rwentanga Kinder Garden Graduation

by Harvest Hands

Harvest Hands disciples over 500 children in Rwentanga, Uganda and in November, we were invited to attend the Kinder Garden Graduation ceremony! What a blessing to be a part of the celebration. The teachers and children put on an amazing show for the parents and guests! …so many talented children! Singing and dancing!

To assist the school’s development, Harvest Hands donated 10 bags of cement to help finish the school’s walls and floors.

On behalf of the Harvest Hands leadership trainers, we would like to congratulate the staff and children for their hard work to graduate and for putting on a great function!

Pictures (Left to Right): 1. Loading up the cement, 2. Presenting the graduation certificate to Samantha and her Mom Sarah, 3. Harvest Hands Discipler, Jonas left, Head Teacher center and Harvest Hands Executive Director Tim Specht right. 4. Sitting with Head Teacher’s family.

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