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Investing in Communities

by Harvest Hands

Tim has come home from work a few days smelling remarkably different than he usually does — it might have had something to do with the cow manure on his shoes. Tim has been learning about cows and goats and what it takes to raise them. He is visiting cow auctions and other farms, checking out the advantages of different breeds. This is a big change for Tim-the-office-guy — but he is excited and spouting off all kinds of new facts and figures (and he invested in a pair of rubber boots!). Who would have guessed that Tim would turn into a farmer! He has also been to see various pieces of land and we hope to decide on one soon. We will likely start with raising goats, as they are cheaper and involve less care. Once we have a qualified and trusted farm manager, we will likely expand into cattle and other food crops. The possibilities are endless and we are excited to get started.

Once again, we are looking for your help to start the farm, which will be the backbone of our project. The income from the farm will support the discipleship training and the babies care, as well as providing employment and training for local people. The farm will become our entry point into the community — a place to start with sharing new farming techniques, building relationships with families and schools and starting discipleship work. But before we can begin our programs, we need a farm that is workable — that means fences, water systems, staff housing, and stock. Your contribution towards this part of the project is an investment in future blessings in the community. We need your help!

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